Have Your Slice and Eat It Too

I’ve been on a diet lately, which is another way of saying that I’ve cut down on sweets and dairy and anything else that might be making an excessive contribution to my calorie intake. I’ve never been the type to worry about my weight, and I’m not now; it’s just that I’d like to fit into my clothes more comfortably. Or, in one particular case, fit into them at all. So I’ve engaged my vast reserves of mental discipline in order to lay off the cheese, the chocolate, the breakfast drinks… *sigh* Instead I’ve tried to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

I’ve done reasonably well at this except, after a few days, I found myself wandering forlornly around the kitchen looking for a snack. The kind of snack that wasn’t sitting in the fruit bowl or the vegetable crisper. I would have a craving for something sweet and gaze longingly at my parents’ chocolate stash (the brand of which I don’t even like). I realised that the only way to solve my problem was to make myself something (so that I knew all the ingredients) naughty enough to satisfy the sweet-craving and healthy enough not to trip the guilt-wire.

I chose this recipe, for a chocolatey, peanutty, rolled oat slice.

It worked pretty well, except that the mixture only filled half of a 10′ by 6′ baking tray, and not even all the way to the top. As I’d planned to share it with my family and some friends, I made a second batch to fill the rest of the tray. I also found that when stirring the oats in the mixture becomes stodgy quite fast. I addressed this by adding a few splashes of milk to help me mix everything through. Otherwise it was pretty good… for a healthy treat.


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