Brownie Bears and Mousse

My mum bought a new type of face-wash, which is made with cocoa powder, Shea butter and crushed walnut shells. I tried it and immediately developed a craving for chocolatey deserts. I thought that it was a long time since we’d done any baking, and so the following weekend I made a batch of brownies.

Unfortunately I chose to make a “healthy” recipe, which is to say one made with palm sugar, coconut oil and pure cocoa powder (as opposed to chocolate). It was fun to make and the mixture tasted good, but the final results were disappointing. Not only was the undivided brownie less than half the size I had expected, it wasn’t nearly as moist and rich as the recipe had promised.

Undeterred, I waited a week for my next opportunity. Mum invited some friends over for Saturday dinner and I volunteered to be a co-pilot in the kitchen. Our friends had mentioned a liking for Italian food, so we took that and ran with it. We made arancini balls for the entrée and spinach lasagna for the main. Desert was a chocolate mousse.

I_chose this recipe because it didn’t involve coffee (yuck) and had four eggs in it. I used milk cooking chocolate (because I can’t stand dark chocolate either) and swapped out the liqueur for a tablespoon of Dad’s armagnac. It was magnificent. I spooned it into our five remaining flat champagne glasses (luckily there were only five of us) and put them all in the fridge. They weren’t quite in the fridge for long enough and so didn’t set completely, but I don’t think anyone minded because they were so delicious. I think Milk Chocolate Armagnac Mousse will become a family favourite!


P.S. “Bear” or “Bears” is a common pet name in our family, hence the goofy title.


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