No Welsh in the British Parliament

Yesterday’s sight of the former British prime ministers, toothsome Tony Blair and dour John Major, proclaiming the United Kingdom of Great Britain the “…most successful union in world history” while standing in the colonially-occupied Irish city of Derry must have struck more than one or two observers as particularly bizarre. How do the great and the good of Britain’s political establishment calculate […]

via The Welsh Language Banned From The British Parliament — An Sionnach Fionn

The irony being that, before the mass-immigration of Anglo-Saxons to the island of Britain, (oh yes, the real English were all immigrants), the language spoken throughout modern-day England was the ancestor of modern-day Welsh.

Although, thanks to the Roman Conquest, Latin was also widely spoken by the time the Anglo-Saxons arrived, and was the only language used for official purposes.

Colonialism. It never changes.




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