Know Your Onions

Oh look, another food post!

I have used this recipe three times now (the third attempt being the most accurate) and it is fast becoming my favourite pasta dish. It’s also a great answer to the question, “What am I supposed to do with all these onions?!”, which inevitably crops up from time to time.

On an interesting side-note, it used to be said that the French army ‘marched on onions’. The reason being that it was such a staple ingredient in French cooking and especially so for an army on the move.

P.S.Our  Tumbling Tomato went by the board so I put another creeper vine (which was growing in a broken pot) in its hanging basket and that seems to be happy so far. I also shifted our enthusiastic sweet-potato into a hanging basket because its tendrils were threatening to take over the neighbouring pot-plants. It has responded by growing up the basket hook.

IMG_8422 (1).jpg


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