Pulling the Green Finger Out

Both the ginger root and the sweet potato I planted are doing incredibly well. In fact, the sweet potato seems adamant on taking over the other pots, while the ginger looks like it wants to move into the upper atrium.

Vigo loves to investigate the pot plants.

Feeling confidant, my mum and I went to a nursery and bought several new plants. Two different types of chilli, some coriander (to replace the last lot that carked it) and some rocket, which I love. We’ve planted them in the garden bed by the path from the back door.

The mint plant is sending out runners as well.

We also bought a Tumbling Tomato, which is a cherry tomato that likes to dangle out of hanging baskets. It’s going in one of the hanging baskets in the atrium, next to our sole surviving creeper vine. I’d never really taken to gardening before this summer, but that was true of cooking too. In fact, it’s been the general pattern for my whole life. I keep well away from a new activity, either out of disinterest or trepidation. Then, one day, I see necessity or just entertainment in giving it a try. And very suddenly, I find I’ve got the hang of it. Or at least that I enjoy it and want to keep trying. I could never take things in simple steps but would stay still for ages and then make a huge leap. My parents eventually realised that I wouldn’t be hurried, and that good things come to those who wait. A lot like gardening really. 😉


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