Sea-Shell and Pearl

My aunt gave me an old bracelet to repair and I made it even better!

IMG_7572 (1)IMG_7561






The white spotted pieces are shell of some kind on a backing of wood. The mauve pieces are dyed mother-of-pearl. The original bracelet was made of just the shell pieces. One of them was damaged and my aunt wanted me to remove the broken piece and rethread it. The problem was that it was already quite small and this might make it too tight to go over the hand. Then I had an idea. I knew that I had the mauve mother-of-pearl pieces from an old necklace that came apart, and I thought it might work well if I added them in. I wasn’t sure that the pearl and shell would go together until I got the bracelet home. Then, because each piece was double-threaded, I had to check that the threading holes were close enough. Miraculously, even though the pieces are of different width and length, the holes are a perfect match. So I cut the threads of the old bracelet, arranged the pieces and rethreaded them. I must say that I’m very pleased with the result.


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