A Ginger Attempt (and a Sweet Idea)

Two months ago I was looking for the ginger root that I was sure we had somewhere. I found it, hiding behind the onions, but I also found that I wouldn’t be using it in my cooking. The half-used ginger root had sprouted.


Quite amused by this daring ginger-root, which had sprouted inside a woven bag with no water or light, I showed it to the rest of the household. Everyone agreed that it was quite an endearing sprout. I thought it would be a shame to throw it in the bin, so I decided that I should plant it and let it keep growing. The next day I found a pot and some potting mix and planted it in the atrium. From then, apart from the odd watering, I left it to its own devices. Two months later, I’m proud to say it’s doing very well!

It’s hard to see but there are two smaller sprouts growing beside the big one.

Then, a few days ago I was digging through the pantry for some potatoes. I found a sweet potato which I considered using until I discovered the same problem:


Except it was not so much a problem (given I didn’t actually need the sweet potato) as an opportunity. I told some friends about this and one of them happened to be well-versed in the art of plant-growing. They said that sweet potatoes grow on a vine, which I would never have guessed, and that they make quite a nice ornamental plant. So I’ll plant the sweet potato in another pot in the atrium and we’ll see how it goes!


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