Christmas Crafting

It’s already the first week of December and Christmas isn’t going to make itself happen, so I’m on duty again as Decorator in Chief. I made a start today by fixing the buckled-up rug in the dining room (it’s been bugging me for ages) and finishing off a craft project that was started some time around Easter.

To elaborate, during the last Easter holidays my two small nieces (and their parents) came to stay in our house for a week. To dissuade them from dismantling too much of my carefully arranged bedroom, we broke out all the stuff in the Arts & Crafts Cupboard. The aforementioned cupboard has been in existence since I was a toddler and my parents discovered that paper, pencils and paint was an effective way to keep me occupied. It has since become crowded with sketchbooks (from my school days), paint bottles, brushes, coloured card, spray cans, plastic jewels, glittery pom-poms, googley eyes, feathers, a hot glue gun, etc. So we cleared off the battered old table in the sitting room and covered it with paper and crayons, craft glue and enough stick-on bits to decorate an army. My mum also bought (among other things) a packet of small wind-chimes, each comprising of a balsa wood star and four metal chimes, for the kids to decorate. They got through one side of most of the packet before the family flew home again, and so I packed them up along with the craft glue and the jewels…

I said to mum as I cleared up the snow-storm of glitter that they would make good Christmas decorations. Having the sort of memory that retains things more clearly the less important they are (mum, what’s my phone number?), as soon as the Christmas ads showed up I thought, ‘I must find those wind chimes and decorate the other side before we hang them!’. Alright, it wasn’t actually imperative that I decorated the reverse sides, but, as you might have guessed, I’ll never turn down an opportunity to get my hands gluey. So this evening (after I’d vacuumed, of course) I found the stars and a crate full of stuff to make a mess with. The results…


Materials used: Pink and multi-coloured glitter, plastic jewels in various shapes and colours, shiny foil stars in various colours, gold hole-punched foil netting (I think that’s what’s left over when they make sequins?), craft glue, stick glue and my inner five-year-old.


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