Attention Pet Owners

This is for animal lovers across the world, but especially in the Southern Hemisphere where the weather is heating up: Do not leave your dog (or cat, rabbit, guinea pig, rat, mouse, etc.) unattended in a vehicle. Ever. A dog left alone in a car can die from heat exhaustion within six minutes.

You may not think it could get that hot in the car in such a short time, but this has been demonstrated over and over again, both the scientific way… and the hard way.   Parking the car in the shade is not enough. Cracking a window is definitely not enough. Opening the window the whole way means your animal might escape. Leaving the engine running so that the cooler stays on is highly dangerous. Just don’t ever leave your pet alone in the car. Tie them up to a post or a bike rail if you have to (make sure they can’t go onto the road) but don’t leave them in the car. It’s just not worth it.

If you own a dog (or other animal), please take the RSPCA pledge to never leave your dog unattended in a car:

If you see someone else’s pet left in a car, please stay with the car and call the RSPCA, police or local ranger.




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