This is a poem I wrote on All Hallows’ Eve (I haven’t written anything in a while). It is titled ‘Tenalach’, an Irish word which has no English equivalent. I have seen it defined: “The relationship one has with land, air and water; a deep connection that makes you one with nature.”

Sundown, Summer’s End

Far away, the darkness comes

Frost gathers on the trees

Here, flowers are blooming

Basking in hot sunshine

The humming of wild bees

Far away, the shadows are rising

Berries have ripened on the tree

And golden squashes in the ground

Sweet cake is eaten, far away

And lanterns lit to keep at bay

The darkness and the people of the mound

Here, I place candles on the altar

Photographs of kin-folk passed on

Bright flowers from the sunburnt earth

My flesh is fed from this brown earth

My blood from these clear waters

Here, the distant valley of my birth



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