Wednesday Night Update

There’s one day to go, but work is well under way. The windows are cleaned, the doorhandles polished, the fairy-lights strung and the lanterns hung. 21 tea-light candles, 6 citronella candles and 2 long candles have been strategically placed. The most junk-filled of the upstairs rooms is half-tidy, and the rug carried up from downstairs. Now all that’s left is to vacuum everywhere, bring the garden chairs up, clear up the dirty table, take all the plates and glasses up and, of course, cook dinner for everyone. It’s hard work but very satisfying. After all the reading and writing at a computer, it’s good to do some physical work in the fresh air. I like to make things look as best they can, even if it’s not my party, and I think it’ll look great with all the effort we’ve put in.

Some less commendable things I’ve done today include sloshing dirty water all over myself, and tipping a paint pot off the top shelf in the laundry. I narrowly avoided being brained by the pot, as it made its downward trajectory, and winced as it landed on the tiles with a dull clang. The impact knocked off the lid (which saved me finding a screwdriver) and splattered a large gob of paint over the surrounding floor and the cat’s litter tray. I raced up the stairs, trailing profanity, and came back with a roll of paper towel, which was able to soak up the worst of the mess. Thankfully there was a bottle of turpentine there, or mum would have been unimpressed about the floor.

There is considerable value in knowing that if water and a scrubbing brush won’t get the paint off something, turps almost certainly will. I’m not sure if it’s as commonly known that if there isn’t any turps at hand, nail varnish remover will also do the job.


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