Wednesday Night Wingding

My mum is hosting a party this Wednesday evening for her 1st-year tutorial group (she works at a university). Now that the weather’s warmer, we’ve decided to hold it on the balcony, which hasn’t seen much use in the past few years and needs a bit of a spruce up. This week’s set to be flat tack, with one thing and another, so we started work this weekend to get everything ready. Mum will of course be the Chef, so I’ve been appointed 1st Cleaner-uper and Decorator in Chief (and probably’s Chef’s Assistant as well).

We both agreed that mood-lighting was key, so yesterday we went and bought a box of white fairy-lights, and six citronella candles to keep the mossies at bay. As 1st Cleaner-uper I swept the whole balcony (it was filthy), and will also be cleaning all the balcony windows, and vacuuming the three upstairs rooms. As Decorator in Chief, I retrieved six old tea-light lanterns that had been sitting around, washed the dirt off and touched up the rusted paint (I knew that quarter-full pot of white house-paint would come in handy someday). Today I suspect I’ll be hunting in the shed for some more long hooks to hang them off; maybe the spiders can help me. We’ve got two packs of pretty tea-light candles in the pantry, so that’s sorted. Mum wants to drag a Persian runner up from the lowest level of the house, and, having brought the thing in when we bought it, I think it’s going to be a two-person job. We also have to carry up cushions and chairs – thankfully there’s already a table up there – and of course all the glassware and crockery. It’s a big effort, but I enjoy this kind of work (the decorating more than the cleaning-up), and it’s a welcome respite from essay-writing.




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