I’vey an Idea

Since my parents decided to build two fish-ponds in the garden outside their bedroom, they’ve had trouble with water evaporation and algae, due to the heavy sunlight. Strategically-placed bamboo pots weren’t saving them, and nobody was keen on putting up ugly shade-netting, but then mum had a stroke of genius: put steel wires over the pond at the roof-line (they’re attached to the eaves and the brick wall) and drag the neighbours’ ivy (which was growing down our wall) over the top to create a living awning.

The elegant result.
The elegant result.

We are still trying to figure out what to do about the other pond, which is on the other wall. Planting more ivy is under consideration.


2 thoughts on “I’vey an Idea

  1. Brilliant idea! If it doesn’t help control the algae, there are some fish, bird and plant friendly drops that you an get to put in the water to keep the down 🙂


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