Curry Up With Dinner

The first time I cooked a meal on my own (to feed more than just myself) and I made an Indian potato curry from an old cookbook. Miraculously, it turned out pretty well. I didn’t burn myself or strain my wrists (much) and I hardly made a mess. I don’t think I overcooked or undercooked anything and there were no serious spills. Best of all, it actually tasted decent. I’m sure I put too much water in before I put the lid on the pot, but I managed to steam most of it off. In any case, my dad enjoyed it, and he’s the curry connoisseur of this household. I liked it too, although I think the excess water might have diminished the spices a bit. Otherwise it wasn’t bad for a first attempt at both dinner and curry.


Of course, pride comes before a fall; when I was tidying up the table a wet glass slipped from my hand and smashed. A perfect first go would be too much to ask for, wouldn’t it?


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