Buzz Off

This is an update on our noisy black-and-yellow problem: According to pest control, the bees that have moved into our house foundations (they are directly beneath mum’s office) are wild bees, which are likely to be carrying one of the diseases which is wiping out swathes of our honey-bee population. That means that in fumigating them, which we inevitably have to, we will be doing the bee population a favour, rather than an injury. That’s all well and good, but nobody’s going to sleep easily over thousands of bee carcases. The pest control guy said that about 20% of the swarm should escape the poison, if they’re smart enough to work out that they shouldn’t hang around where all their mates are dying. 20% doesn’t seem like an awful lot to me though. They need to go before someone (especially me) gets stung, but I’m going to feel terrible about it. The hundred odd bees I’ve saved from drowning in the pool certainly won’t cancel out this apicide.

Oh bother.
Oh bother.

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