When I was little I used to collect beads, buttons, marbles… anything small and pretty. I used to play with them a lot but I eventually outgrew the collecting-tiny-things phase and packed them away. Apart from the button box, I didn’t really do much with them.

A while ago I bought a reel of clear elastic cord to rethread some old necklaces and bracelets. It worked so well that I decided to do something else with it. I got out my old bead box and rummaged around, picking out the best ones (turns out I collected a lot of ugly beads). I made these two bracelets:


The first one has all glass beads, which have the same pattern of gold bands and pink roses.


The second one is made of unstained wooden beads and four painted ceramic beads. I have no idea where the painted ones originally came from, but they are my favourite.


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